Faith Insurance

Concordia underwriters have more than 10 years’ experience insuring churches across the country and helping with claims, tailoring insurance to meet your church or faith-based organisation’s needs. 

We recognise that it’s your priority to keep things running smoothly, no matter the situation. That’s why our products are designed for you to continue to provide your services, with as little disruption as possible. It’s important to us that you are out there providing for your congregation and not stuck on the phone or computer, trying to sort out your cover!

Our innovative policy wordings tend to be broader than general insurance, meaning that more is covered, while our caring team bring all their compassion and smarts to creating positive, fair claims experiences.

For a strong approach to risk mitigation, wider policy wordings and compassion come claims time, get in touch with our team today.


Concordia was born out of a joint venture between All Churches Insurance Bureau Limited and Aviation & Marine Underwriting Agency (A&M). Our customised risk management services minimise the frequency and severity of losses, giving organisations and individuals insurance they can rely on.

Concordia Underwriting panel includes Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's and other Insurers. All Insurers have a Financial Strength Rating of AA- (Very Strong) with Standard & Poor's Rating Agency.

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