Our Partners

Our dedicated partners ensure we are able to do what we do best – insurance. These organisations are All Churches Insurance Bureau (ACIB), Aviation and Marine Underwriting Agency (A&M) and Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's and other Insurers.
ACIB’s vision is to focus on the insurance needs of churches and affiliated care, as well as educational and community services. They partnered with us because together, we can provide market leading insurance cover at competitive prices.
 ACIB participants include the Methodist Church New Zealand, Baptist Union New Zealand,  ACTS Churches New Zealand, Lutheran Church, and other memberships. These memberships include schools, retirement villages, private hospitals, rest homes, care and charitable community service organisations.
A&M, formerly known as Aviation Co-Operating Underwriters Pacific Ltd, has been providing specialist insurance underwriting services to clients and insurers since 1982, representing Lloyd's of London and international insurance markets.
Insurer Financial Strength Rating
Concordia is supported by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's and other Insurers, all of which have an AA- (Very Strong) Financial Strength Rating from Standard and Poor's Rating Agency. 

Find out more about Lloyd's of London at www.lloyds.com


Concordia Underwriting Agency LP is member of the Insurance Council New Zealand (ICNZ). As such we are bound by
the Fair Insurance Code. Under the Fair Insurance Code insurers are committed to raising the standards of
service to customers.

This voluntary code details:
  • minimum standards for insurance companies
  • the responsibilities that you and your insurance company have to each other
  • how professionalism is to be encouraged within the insurance industry
  • facts you may need to disclose to us
  • how claims should be managed
FEB 2019 Fair Insurance Code logo - CMYK@6x

This code can be viewed and downloaded from the ICNZ website http://www.icnz.org.nz


Concordia was born out of a joint venture between All Churches Insurance Bureau Limited and Aviation & Marine Underwriting Agency (A&M). Our customised risk management services minimise the frequency and severity of losses, giving organisations and individuals insurance they can rely on.

Concordia Underwriting panel includes Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's and other Insurers. All Insurers have a Financial Strength Rating of AA- (Very Strong) with Standard & Poor's Rating Agency.

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